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William J. Dixon Company

Textile Supplier / Finisher / Laminator / Converter

William J. Dixon has four generations of expertise with all textile types, from natural fibers to synthetics. With inventory based domestically at our facility in Exton, PA, we are a reliable partner for sourcing fabrics in an era with unpredictable supply-chain disruptions. Our team has extensive experience as a sourcing partner for brands from start-ups to enterprise size clients. We are also experts in navigating & compliance of Berry Amendment contracts for any government / LEAF requirements.

William J. Dixon has the ability to customize widths, laminate fabrics and foams & dye-to-match to our client’s requests.

Find out more at: or call us at: (610) 524-1131

Justin Zak [piñon collective] is a sales & marketing consultant/contractor with over 15 years of proven success in the Outdoor, CPG, Cycling & Action Sports industries.

(203) 915-1301

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