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OOA is recruiting Board Members!

The Oregon Outdoor Alliance currently has 4 openings on the board of directors and will be taking applications to fill these positions through February 19th. We are looking to onboard new members by the next board meeting that is slated for March 10th. We have openings for Marketing/Communications, Secretary, Strategy and Member/Sponsor Support. The board term is for 2 years and each board member will be expected to attend 6 meetings throughout the year and serve on 1 subcommittee. Please check out the OOA website for more details on the organization. Reach out to Serena Dietrich if you have any specific questions or if you are interested in serving on the board. We will be sure to get you the materials you need to better understand the opportunity and application process. Please share this opportunity with others if you feel they would be a good fit. We are excited to talk to you!

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