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Collective Pallet & Co-Warehousing

Collective Pallet offers an alternative for growing businesses looking for a solution other than a long-term lease of a warehouse or losing control of their shipments by moving their inventory out-of-town or possibly out-of-state to a fulfillment center or 3PL. We provide small consumer product companies with affordable, innovative co-warehousing and product fulfillment solutions by helping our members navigate from the home or office-based business to warehousing their inventory and fulfilling orders without costly leases, maintenance, or long-term commitments. Our month-to-month Memberships include a warehouse filled with supplies, equipment, and space to receive, store, assemble, ship, and meet. We know if we can provide collaborative warehouse space for small business innovators in Central Oregon, they can focus on product development and sales that bring their vision to life.

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