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Member Benefits

Networking events

We help facilitate connections throughout the state, bringing people together to collaborate and share experiences. Check out our signature event: BeerThirty!

Industry opportunities

We support shared member and sponsor interests: job postings, internships, volunteer opportunities, and other statewide searches.


We deliver stories, education, and decades of experience into the spotlight to inspire, innovate and elevate business development through events workshops throughout the year.


We bring awareness to government programs and help support outdoor industry businesses at all stages of development.

Direct Connections

Consider us an outdoor database. We house a member directory, industry data, and more. We exist and strive to create alliances across the industry.

Industry updates

We deliver the latest outdoor industry scoop through newsletters, speaker sessions, panel discussions, and other relevant channels.

Membership Levels


Currently Studying

Whether you are actively working towards a career in the outdoor industry, or just love being outside and connected, we have the resources you need for a successful future.

Small businesses

1 to 9 people

If your small Oregon business wants to support the growth and well-being of our state’s outdoor industry, this is the membership for you.


501c, 503b, etc.

This is the membership for the non-profit groups that help protect our lands, build trails, get people outside. You are what makes Oregon and it’s outdoor places & people truly special.

Medium businesses

10 to 25 people

If your medium Oregon business wants to support the growth and well-being of our state’s outdoor industry, this is the membership for you.


Freelancers, Consultants, etc.

Even if you aren’t connected to an outdoor company, you can still support the industry by becoming an Individual Member of OOA. We value your participation, always.

Large businesses

26 and over

Our larger business prices are based on the size and revenue of your company. Contact an OOA representative for further details on membership and pricing.


Our connections make us stronger

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Oregon Outdoor Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our non-profit federal tax exempt number is 37-1790059.

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