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Liz Allore Shurmur


While some people may shy away from doing hard things, Liz Allore Shurmur pursues challenges and seeks success daily. She is the exception to countless rules; an educator who became a race director and onto expanding and managing Partnerships and Events. Because of her own success and work ethic, Liz is unbelievably adept at bettering those around her while simultaneously raising the standard of what it means to be a great leader, team member, employee, etc. Consequently, Liz has had the opportunity to work in a variety of professions where she has achieved impressive results.


Presently, Liz is tackling challenges in Bend, where she works alongside companies and organizations through events and strategy. When she’s not orchestrating the future or giving back to her local community, Liz can be found outside enjoying all that Central Oregon has to offer.

As an avid outdoor adventurer, you’ll find Nichol out on the trails – running, skiing, biking, hiking, camping with family, friends and her Husky Shepherd pup Coco.

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