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Guy Trombley


Early in Guy’s academic career, as an applied anthropologist, he realized that to live a balanced life would require a constant fix of healthy outdoor adventure. Thus, combining his shared passions for ski mountaineering, ice climbing, Nordic skiing, sea kayaking, canoeing expeditions, and trekking the globe, he has also worked in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. Most recently, during his tenure as a general manager, he worked to completely renew the brand and modernize one of the nation’s oldest and most technical outdoor specialty shops. As a dedicated educator, inter-culturalist, researcher, and avid outdoor advocate, Guy was named one of the Outdoor Industry Association’s “Thought Leaders” in 2015. 


He serves on several non-profit boards of directors applying strategic insight to advocacy work caring for the environment and kids, improving access to the outdoors and increasing opportunity for all who wish to explore nature’s wonders. 


Presently, Guy is working as a consulting qualitative and mixed methods research and evaluation specialist who helps non-profit organizations and for profit businesses face the complex challenges of operating in the uncertainties of a rapidly changing society. The focus of his work is building bridges between big data and the local contexts in which organizations operate, helping organizations learn their ways to solutions that have not yet been imagined. 

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