Eric Meade

Finance Strategy

Arriving in Bend, OR in 1994, armed with an architectural license and a passion for the outdoors, Eric Meade joined Entre Prises Climbing Walls and led it through its largest growth period in history. Eric and his team skyrocketed annual sales by achieving maximum marketplace penetration and made it the top climbing wall company in the world. EP USA dominated the climbing wall marketplace by exceeding customer expectations, developing innovative products, and pushing the boundaries while developing industry standards, which are still in place today. Eric supervised and grew the Company to 70+ employees, with annual revenues of $7M. Eric and his in-house investment partners, achieved a 3,000% return on their original investment through the sale of the company in 2008; by ensuring organized and strong financials, brand equity, a strong customer list, and setting achievable marketing/business plans.

Since Eric sold Entre-Prises in late 2008, he worked as the Membership Director for Opportunity Knocks, was an investor in two Bend Venture Conferences, co-founded Bend Outdoor Worx and opened his own consulting business, Eric Meade-Purposeful Consulting. His passion is to support and develop leaders of businesses to establish clear strategies, financial planning, implementation planning, and a sustainable profitability model. Eric is a subject matter expert in developing world-class infrastructure for newer companies while driving innovative product development. He is a big picture thinker with vision to break operations down into executable strategies. Eric is a leader who fosters and facilitates collaborative problem-solving to achieve Company objectives. Eric is financially focused and values long-term success. Eric enjoys business, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, travel and his two kids and awesome wife.

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